Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Diki-Diki


The Diki-Diki is a simple drink, which is why we made it tonight’s accompaniment to Pizza Night. Pizza Night is the night where we are too tired or hot to cook so we make other people do it for us. Pizza Night can occur multiple times a week. 

The Diki-Diki consists of only three ingredients, including two complex liqueurs: Swedish punsch and Calvados. Swedish punsch is a reddish-brown liqueur from Sweden that was recently made available in the U.S. under the brand name Kronan. It is sugar cane based and tastes earthy, smoky, and toasted. Calvados is an oak-aged apple brandy from Normandy. Young Calvados tastes like fresh apple cider but takes on notes of leather and becomes tannic as it ages. Similar to true Champagne and cognac, which both have to be from certain regions to carry that name, true Calvados must be from the Normandy region of France. Domestically produced versions are called applejack or simply apple brandy.

In this cocktail the rich earthiness of the punsch pairs well with the fruity earthiness of the Calvados with the acid and freshness of the grapefruit juice acting to tone down all that dirt.

Admittedly this wasn’t a great pairing for pizza as the fatty cheese ruined the depth of the Calvados and punsch. The Diki-Diki is better as a stand-alone cocktail that we recommend trying because of its ease and delicious, fresh taste.

The Diki-Diki
This recipe makes two cocktails.

3 oz. Calvados

1 oz. Swedish punsch

1 1/2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

Measure the ingredients into a shaker, fill shaker with ice, and shake. Shake well.

Strain into cocktail glass.

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