Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greenbar Collective

Last week we were treated to a tour of the Greenbar Collective, a craft distillery located in Downtown Los Angeles. The distillery, tasting room, and bottling facility are located in a warehouse off 8th street. This building produces all of the company's bitters and liqueurs as well as their gin and Slow Hand whiskey. Their products are available at many bars and restaurants around Los Angeles and at select retail outlets across the country. 

There are a lot of flavored liquors out there, some of which are downright horrifying. Greenbar's spirits are refreshing in that they taste exactly like what goes into them. Allow us a Willy Wonka moment: their vanilla vodka was rich and deep, the hibiscus liqueur was appropriately sour and bitter, and the TRU organic garden vodka tasted like herbs. There were no off flavors or cloying aftertastes. 

After the tour we were able to sample all of their products in their upstairs tasting room. Our pick is the Grand Poppy, an European style aperitif/amaro, made with ingredients from and inspired by the California landscape. Greenbar offers tours and tastings, both of which come highly recommended by us. 

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